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Call for Images: 30 Three Line Poems in 30 Days

Call for Images: 30 Three Line Poems in 30 Days


Update Friday 21 at 8:00 am: I am no longer accepting applicants! I have more than enough wonderful photographers, and I hate turning creative people away, so I’m closing this early before I have to! Thank you, and come back in January to see their work and read some poetry.

Are you currently taking, or looking to take photos other than bookstagram pics? Would you like to be part of a creative collaboration challenge?
I’m challenging myself to write three-line-poems for 30 days straight for the month of January and I need some images for inspiration!

Instead of turning to resource like Unsplash or something similar, I want to look to my fellow creatives on Instagram.

A few years ago I used to participate in a weekly three-line poetry challenge online. The host would post a picture for inspiration and we had 24 hours to write three-line poems, with I think a limit of 10 words per line. I occasionally won the week’s challenge, and even when I didn’t, I loved the challenge, especially in working hard to convey something large in such a limited amount of language.

As I continue to work on a manuscript I yearn for smaller bits of creative fun that have a more immediate sense of completion. I’m looking to this challenge as a way to flex a slightly different writing muscle, and to hopefully encourage those of you who are looking for a reason to expand your photography outside of books to start putting that work out there.

I’m looking for 7 photographers who would be assigned a day of the week. Each would provide me with 4 or 5 images- whether you would provide 4 or 5 depends of which day of the week you pick as there are 5 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in January; and 4 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

I would need you to message/email me the picture the night before your assigned day- for example, if you are my Tuesday photographer I would need you to send me your first pic on December 31. This pic will serve as inspiration for a three line poem to be written within 24 hours, and will be posted with credit on my blog and in an Instagram story, which will be included in a story highlight chronicling the poems and images for the month.

If you’d like to challenge yourself to take new pics specifically for this project- great! If you already have some great pics you’d like to share with a new audience, I welcome those as well.

If you are interested in being a part of this project here’s how to join the fun:

-Message me on Instagram 2-3 pictures of the kind of work you’d be sending me in January-no book pics please! I’m looking for people, places, things, that could the impetus for a story.

-If you feel comfortable, tell me a little bit about why you are submitting (ie. are you looking for a creative challenge? Are you a professional looking for exposure to a different audience?)

-Do you have a preference for a day of the week? I may not be able to honor that preference if everyone picks Friday, but I’ll do my best to take it into consideration.

-I will be accepting messages through midnight, Friday December 21, and responding to all applicants by the afternoon of Monday, December 24. If you are selected this gives you some time to assemble your pics before the end of the month.

I can’t stress this enough- this little dream project of mine doesn’t really come to life without you. I need your talent and your images in order to make this work, so please, send me those pics! And if it feels scary do so, then I especially want you to jump on this project. I say this as someone who has felt scared and vulnerable daring to attach value and worth to my work- share what you create and let other people love it too.

I’m already looking forward to January!

January Poetry Challenge: Day 1

January Poetry Challenge: Day 1