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August Flash Fiction: Day 9

August Flash Fiction: Day 9

Here's hoping this Wednesday challenge helps beat any mid-week creative slumps!

Each day a new post with a picture (with a CC0 license), word count limit, and occasional additional twist will be published at 7:00 am EDT. You will then have until the next day's post to write your story.

You can then either keep it to yourself (a perfectly valid way to participate!) or you can share your story itself in the comments, or share a link in the comments where we can read your story (blog, Instagram etc.)
My daily story will be added to the post under the picture within the same deadline. 

Aug. 9 Word Limit: 275
Aug. 9 Image Prompt:

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
275 words

“Does it make me look like a pumpkin?” I had asked.
“It makes you look radiant, like these lilies that spring up all over the side of the road,” he responded, smiling at me before turning back to the sauce he was making.
“You notice flowers?” I asked.
“I noticed those flowers. They were like fireworks,” he answered.

I recall that evening as I watch my bright reflection wink against the train as it passes. A final flash and my reflection is gone. I glance at my watch.
If I get on the next train I could still meet him in time.

He was a man who made me dinners, who called me radiant. He read mystery books and told me his guesses at solving them before the detectives did, laughing when he was right and I confirmed his genius. He made me feel safe.

But work was taking him further abroad, and for longer and longer periods.
My life had too much silence.

We agreed (we agreed?) that our relationship was too new to keep on like this.
My heart was broken in the attempt to mend my life.
A year passed and I tried not to think of him at all, never mind make comparisons to all that I missed.

A text arrived “I’m in town for the week and I’d really like to see you.”
My immediate thought was to say yes, desperate for a little more time. And then I thought I might be broken by hearing his voice, seeing him smile again.
Stay, go, stay, go, my heart pounded, desperate and confused.

Another train began to pull into the station.


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