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August Flash Fiction: Day 31

August Flash Fiction: Day 31

Thank you to those of you have taken the time to read my stories, and for those who honored themselves by taking the time to write, whether it was every single day, or even one day of the challenge. 
If you enjoyed the experience I hope you'll keep finding things to write about and if you discovered a story or character you really love, I hope you'll turn them into a larger story.

Each day a new post with a picture (with a CC0 license), word count limit, and occasional additional twist will be published at 7:00 am EDT. You will then have until the next day's post to write your story.

You can then either keep it to yourself (a perfectly valid way to participate!) or you can share your story itself in the comments, or share a link in the comments where we can read your story (blog, Instagram etc.)
My daily story will be added to the post under the picture within the same deadline. 

Aug. 31 Word Limit: 200
Aug. 31 photo prompt:

August Flash Fiction: Day 30

August Flash Fiction: Day 30