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August Flash Fiction: Day 14

August Flash Fiction: Day 14

We're cruising into the second week of August already!

Each day a new post with a picture (with a CC0 license), word count limit, and occasional additional twist will be published at 7:00 am EDT. You will then have until the next day's post to write your story.

You can then either keep it to yourself (a perfectly valid way to participate!) or you can share your story itself in the comments, or share a link in the comments where we can read your story (blog, Instagram etc.)
My daily story will be added to the post under the picture within the same deadline. 

Aug. 14 Word Limit: 225
Aug. 14 Image Prompt:

This Way to A Better Life
225 words

Kelsey’s mind kept struggling to count all the people ahead of her in line, to guess how many would be cleared to walk onto the boat. The images of the boat that she had seen made it seem like a towering vessel, but the boat wouldn’t be only spaces for people, the mechanical components that kept the boat working would be buried somewhere in there as well.

Her palms were slick against the grips of the handlebar as she hung on to her bicycle. She had felt compelled to bring it as it was her ticket to everything, bringing her everywhere she needed to be, and now…

They probably wouldn’t let her bring it on the boat, which meant it would have to be left behind.

That is if she got on the boat.

If she were cut off from the group allowed to board today she supposed she could then get on her bike and begin the journey home, and try again at the next session.

She didn’t think that she would be torn about making it onto the boat, but there was safety in what you knew.

The line began to move forward, people chattering excitedly, “paradise” a tantalizing word formed by so many voices. Kelsey’s heart hammered, and despite her hours waiting, hopped on her bike, and zoomed away from the line.


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