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Having Fun with the Throne of Glass Reread

Having Fun with the Throne of Glass Reread

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I’ve been waiting until right before the release of Kingdom of Ash to start at the beginning of the Throne of Glass series and relive the magic all over again.

I’ll be spending September and the lead up to October 23 reading the 3,820 pages the comprise the series (this count doesn’t include acknowledgments and is based on my mix of paperbacks and hardcovers) while peppering my bookstagram with some fun little challenges that I hope will also be of interest to my fellow Sarah J Maas fans!

If you’re contemplating a reread or even reading the series for the first time, but it feels daunting to get it done in just 52 days, know that it would require reading 74 pages a day- a totally achievable number for even the busiest of bees.

Still feeling uncertain? What if you also decided to spend more time away from your phone? As someone who finds herself inexplicably taking “What kind of pizza are you?” quizzes or mindlessly scrolling for chunks of time during the day, I’m also hoping this can be a time to create a little more distance between me and my phone. What better way to curb the habit than with a great bunch of books?

In case anyone is curious I’ll be reading the books in order until after Queen of Shadows, then I plan to read Tower of Dawn and then Empire of Storms. I ended up really loving Tower of Dawn, but Empire of Storms was such a crazy ride with such a gut-punch of an ending that I want that to be my setup right before devouring Kingdom of Ash.

There are no specific days on which you have to post any of these pics or answers in your captions- whatever speaks to you or sounds like you’d get to have a fun conversation with other readers, that’s what I’d love to see you share. Mostly it’s about getting excited with your fellow bookworms! Use #TOGautumnreread so that I can see what you’re up to and enjoy your adventure too.

Photo/Caption Ideas:
SJM shares playlists for all of her books- Choose a song for each character, or for each book and build your own TOG playlist

Share your favorite TOG merch

Match colors in cover to background or props

Comfy reading spot (very important for long reading sessions!)

The books are already in the process of becoming a TV series-who would you cast?

What part of the world do you most want to visit?

What would your fae ability be?

Pick a book to recommend to each of your favorite characters (Still trying decide which Stephen King book Manon would enjoy the most)

Share a meal or treat you think Aelin would enjoy


Have your own TOG challenge idea? Post your pic with #TOGautumnreread and if it’s a challenge I think more people would enjoy I’ll repost it in a story!

Now let’s get ready to get reading!

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