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Great Books Yet to Come in 2018

Great Books Yet to Come in 2018


Give Me Your Hand, Megan Abbott July 17
Abbott’s latest book actually drops today, and should be arriving on my doorstep at any moment. I love the way she builds psychological tension around female relationships.

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding, Rhys Bowen August 7
I’ve never read any of the Royal Spyness series- I’ve only listened to them, each narrated by the incredible Katherine Kellgren. Kellgren passed away from cancer early this year. I can’t imagine enjoying the books without her remarkable talent bringing them to life, but I do so love this series, so for the first time I’ll be picking up the physical book to enjoy. And I’ll raise a cup of tea in Kellgren’s memory.

Vox, Christina Dalcher August 21
I have an eARC of this one and need to hurry up and read it! While stories that center around the systematic oppression of women can sometimes feel too real to be explored, I’m curious about this world where women are only allowed 100 words a day. I’m also very much here for stories where women insist on having a voice and being heard, even when it means challenging the status quo.


Two Dark Reigns, Kendare Blake September 4
I have mixed feelings about some of the storylines in the two books and novellas available so far, but I find the sisters and their strange world compelling enough to want to keep reading. I have no guesses about how the latest installment will unfurl, which is sometimes a fun place to be when I have suspicions about where other series will go. I would be extra excited if we get more of the mythology of the world in this book.

Wildcard, Marie Lu September 18
At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like Warcross. I was certain it was just going to be a Ready Player One rehash, but Lu has her own unique voice and dropped an awesome ending onto this young adult tale.

Time’s Convert, Deborah Harkness September 18
I would like to give Deborah Harkness all the gold stars. I saw her speak about her books back in 2014 and it’s clear that she’s a brilliant, compassionate person, which makes me like her work even more. While my heart still belongs to Diana and Matthew, I’m more than willing to dive into Marcus’s story to explore more of the same themes about where the supernatural and the cultural collide.


Muse of Nightmares, Laini Taylor October 2
Strange the Dreamer delivered one of the most heartbreaking cliffhangers I’ve ever read. I’ve been waiting for the sequel since finishing the book last year. Taylor conjures incredible worlds and characters you want desperately to see find love and belonging, and I’m ready for more.

Kingdom of Ash, Sarah J Maas October 23
This is the end. Probably. And I’m not ready for it.
But I also can’t wait to get my hands on this book! The Throne of Glass series knocked my socks off and made me care so deeply for so many characters in a way that few other books have. Every character is so real, so multifaceted, Aelin most of all. I love that she’s not infallible, that she has flaws, but her fierce heart is always in the right place and she’s sacrificed so much in order to try and restore a world for her people. I anticipate having a serious book hangover after finishing this one.

Alice Isn’t Dead, Joseph Fink October 30
I haven’t listened to the podcast, but the announcement of the book has me intrigued. I was a Welcome to Nightvale listener for many years and am looking forward to discovering an new eerie, odd tale.

Elevation, Stephen King October 30
King is an autobuy author for me, but I’m also curious about his take on finding tolerance and understanding where there wasn’t any before. King’s twitterfeed has been a welcome commentary on the political and social state of the country, not only because he points out the hypocrisy and xenophobia, but because he has also pointed out that reaching out to cultivate peace with adversaries is one of the best ways to make progress.

What books are you most looking forward to in the second half of the year?

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