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Sudio Headphones for Audiobook Fans

Sudio Headphones for Audiobook Fans

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I’m excited to be partnering with Sudio to share a great way to listen to your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, and music!

Sudio is a Swedish company that prides itself on creating elegant headphones for every style of listener. I’ve never owned a pair of on-the-ear headphones before, which sounds crazy given the amount of time I spend listening to books, but I took comfort in the familiar.

When Sudio offered to send me a pair of their bluetooth Regent headphones I was excited to try something new, and the experience did not disappoint. I’ve since sampled some of my favorite Spotify listens (can’t go wrong with the Wonder Woman soundtrack), listened to the most recent episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, and clocked a few minutes of my current audiobook, “Liar.” The sound quality is wonderful, and best of all, I didn’t have to deal with any cords catching on things! At least once a week I manage to snag my earbuds on a drawer pull or something similarly protruding, and I don’t know what infuriates me more, the surprise of the stinging pain in my ears, or that I then have to scramble to not miss part of the audiobook as I reclaim my earbuds.

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They Regent headphones do come with an auxiliary cord if you want to use your headphone with something that doesn't have bluetooth capability, or maybe you like the old school aesthetics of a cord. The Regent model holds a charge for 24 hours of active playtime or 20 days on standby. There are also additional caps available for this model so you can swap them out to go with your outfit and or your mood.

If you’re interested in ordering your own set of Sudio headphones you can choose from a wide variety of models in a host of colors, and when you make that order, use code “caseyrosereads” to get 15% off.

Looking for suggestions about what to listen to with those snazzy new headphones once they arrive?
Here a few of my favorite audiobooks:

The Her Royal Spyness Series
Everything narrated by Katherine Kellgren is absolutely marvelous, YA fans will love her narration of My Lady Jane, but this series in particular is a cozy gem. Kellgren recently passed away, but her talent will live on in all her beautiful performances.

Talking as Fast as I Can
I’m a huge fan of memoirs read by the author, especially those from entertainers. Lauren Graham’s memoir is particularly charming, but if this under 5 hour listen leaves you wanting more then I suggest Mindy Kaling “Why Not Me,” Amy Poehler “Yes Please,” Stephen Tobolowsky “The Dangerous Animals Club,” Stephen King “On Writing,” Jim Gaffigan “Dad Is Fat,” Tina Fey “Bossypants,” and Dick Cavett “Talk Show,” just to name the ones I’ve already listened to. Gabrielle Union’s memoir is on my list of audiobooks to enjoy soon.

The Harry Potter Series
Jim Dale is a brilliant narrator, one I first appreciated as the narrator for television show Pushing Daisies. I’ve since come to love the way he’s brought the American audiobook editions to life, and he reads The Night Circus for any Erin Morgenstern fans out there.

The Raven Cycle Series
This is one of the other series that I own in both hardcover and audiobook. Will Patton brings each of the characters to life beautifully, but it’s his snarling Ronan that I absolutely adore- to the point that when I was reading the last book when it came out, it was Patton’s Ronan that I heard in my head. Other series I own both tactile and audio copies of because the stories are that good are The All Souls Trilogy and The Magicians Trilogy, which both have amazing narrators.

Ready Player One
This may be my all time favorite audiobook, with Wil Wheaton getting me pumped up about epic 80’s nerdom in a way that no one else but he and Ernest Cline can do. I own the paperback, but have yet to read it in that format, instead listening Wheaton’s narration three times in the past few years.

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