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October 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

October 2017 Bookstagram Challenge


1. Currently Reading
We mood readers can't put together a monthly TBR, so share what you are reading now instead!

2. Worn Out Pages
Well-loved books are happy books.

3. Tuesday Tower
Stack some books, show them off!

4. Handwriting
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying; let's see what your words look like!

5. Coven
Tag your favorite bookstagram witches and warlocks!

6. Difficult to Read
Maybe the story wasn't clicking with you, or the font was too small, share some books you couldn't get into.

7. Last Bookish Buy
You know what's scary? All the books we buy.
(I have to tell you, Syd came up with this one, and I laugh every time I read it.)

8. Bookish Noir
Give your picture a black & white, old school feel today.

9. Fae & Fairies
Show some love for some of our favorite not quite human creatures.

10. Give it to Me
Is there a next book in the series that you need right now?

11. In the Stars
Under the stars or among the stars is where the best stories take place!

12. I Put a Spell on You
Share some books that absolutely entranced you!

13. Friday the 13th
Go ahead and play around with the number 13 if you aren't too superstitious!

14. Pumpkin Celebration
Show a little love for our favorite fall flavor (as if it doesn't get enough already!)
(For the record- I, Casey, hate pumpkin comestibles, but understand how much other people love the flavor- I will be celebrating pumpkins as a decoration!)

15. Short & Sweet
Bookish satisfaction doesn't always come in the form of long stories!

16. Paranormal
Share some books or characters that are not quite of this earth.

17. Something Wicked...
this way comes... Show off some wicked characters or books.

18. Masked Ball
Break out the masks! Include them in your pic, or share a book where masks or hidden identities are key.

19. Throwback Thurs
If you have any R.L. Stine books, or other 90's thrillers, today's the day to show them off!

20. Blood Red
Time to show off those red(rum) books.

21. The Night is Dark...
and full of terrifyingly good books. Maybe this is a day for some GOT love, or maybe a book with "Night" in the title.

22. Frightfully Cute
Not all Halloween decor is scary, and not all spooky characters are villainous!

23. D is for Death
"Dead" and "Death" show up in SO many book titles, show us one from your shelves.

24. Frankenstein
There are some great editions of this Shelley classic out there, or show us which books you'd stitch together to make a monstrous new story!

25. Wing it
Bats, owls, ravens- share a pic with winged creatures.

26. Orange & Black
Show us your books in classic Halloween colors.

27. Witches Brew
Share a your favorite drink while reading, or a spooky book-inspired recipe!

28. Sanderson Sisters
Whether you love Winifred, Mary, and Sara, or Syd and Sav, show us your best bunch of hocus pocus!

29. Spooky #shelfie
Spiderwebs on the shelves? Ghostly floating books?

30. Troll in the Dungeon
No one does Halloween quite like Harry Potter…

31. Bookish Halloween
Dressing up as a book character? Recreating the great hall at home? Snacking on candy while turning pages? Show us how you’re celebrating the day bookworm style.


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