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Review: All the Crooked Saints

Review: All the Crooked Saints

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This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, full stop. Maggie Stiefvater has become her own kind of magical saint, putting so many aspects of humanity, of the wide spectrum of emotions and wishes and fears into such elegant words and images that you will wonder how you ever dared to see the world as anything less.


If you do not like magic this is not the book for you.
But for me, for someone who has always wished to live as though there is already a mysterious beauty in much of our day to day lives, this is the kind of prose that is a delight to every sense. It is writing that makes you believe that these miracles absolutely took place, and that it would only to be expected that this kind of event could and will happen even now.

It is sown with a simple kind of honesty, that isn’t simple in how many of us struggle to understand the beauty of love, dancing,family, and frienship, and that we are all our own worst enemies if we allow ourselves to be.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story. I want every reader who is ready for some magic, ready for some introspection, ready to maybe love and little deeper, to meet the Sorias, their pilgrims, and maybe be a little changed by the story by the time they are done.

Without spoiling much of anything, I will say that the reason I made empanadas (of a sort- apple to be specific) for “Food Fun” day of the #rosyautumntales17 challenge is because one of the pilgrims, Marisita, makes empanadas for some of the other pilgrims, all while rain continues to fall endlessly upon her, and the butterflies that have become unable to leave her dress, too wet from the rain to fly.
That’s the kind of imagery that makes me fall in love with a story.

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