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LitJoy Crate August 2017

LitJoy Crate August 2017

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While I'm always excited to see the signature blue Litjoy Crate box hit my doorstep I was staring out the front window, freaking out my mail person while I waited for the August Wonder Woman box to arrive!

It's been ages since I last enjoyed a movie enough to see it in the theatre twice, but Wonder Woman was this summer's double dip. Just before I saw the movie I had the opportunity to see Leigh Bardugo on a panel about the DC Icons series, talking about writing Wonder Woman: Warbringer, which further stoked my fire for reading this YA novel! She was joined by Marie Lu who is writing the Batman novel,  Matt de la Peña is taking on Superman, and Queen Sarah J. Maas will write Catwoman.

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Book Review:

I absolutely LOVED this peek into young Diana’s world, to see her doubts and fears and watch her realize that she is not alone in the way she questions her place within her society, and within the greater world.

Leigh Bardugo knows how to write some seriously great feminist content, and she struck the perfect balance between Diana being aware of the world outside Themyscira and her occasional confusion over idioms or cultural references. Diana asking “Is Google one of your gods?” after Alia says that Google knows all and sees all is comic gold with a hint of uncomfortable truth!

Early in the book, on just page 5, so I’m not really spoiling anything, Bardugo describes all different types of flora and fauna that make up Themyscira, “They were all pieces of the lives the Amazons had led before they came to the island, little landscapes of the heart.” This says so much about the style of the world.

I was fascinated by the history of the “Warbringer” and the idea of how easily the stories we take to be fact, or at least well-trod mythology are shaped by the storyteller. I appreciated that the story allowed the reader to think about who Helen of Troy had been before she was nothing but a beautiful face and legend, to think of the girl she was and the dreams she had.

Diana proves again and again that true heroism and bravery can not exist without heart, and this is a message I will never get tired of hearing. This book functions as the same kind of tool as the stories that Diana was told as a child. Her storytellers were warrior-women, women who did not believe that they were inferior because of their gender, that there were inherent limits because of their gender. And as Diana points out to Jason- they heard different stories as children and that helped shape their beliefs. Diana believed herself capable, and Jason believed (amongst other garbage!) that girls needed to be rescued because that’s what the stories taught him. THAT is why books like this matter, why we need more narratives about strong girls, so that the girls who read them will believe it of themselves.

And while the content of the story itself was compelling, it was the last line of the acknowledgements that actually moved me to tears: “And finally, to the Amazons of the world, to every woman or girl who fights for peace on behalf of one another, thank you for inspiring me.”

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Here are all the other goodies in the box:
The featured artist for this box is Limetown Studios, a Brazilian illustration duo, Amanda Duarte and Gus Lima. Their beautiful work perfectly captured the longing between Kaz an Inej while Kaz is helping bandage her wounds in a scene in Crooked Kingdom. Swoon!
And I believe that they created the gorgeous Diana illustration on the front of the item booklet.

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A Court of Candles brought the island of Themyscira to life with a delightful candle, scented with basil, amazon mist, roses, and other tropical scents. Additionally, in honor of Leigh Bardugo's love of a good bath bomb, and inspired by on the of the scenes featuring Alia (the warbinger) and her friend Nim, there's the Cauldron Bubble bath bomb! I love that black color, and it smells amazing, very autumn. I don't use bath bombs, one, because I order showers over baths, and two, because I unfortunately tend to be allergic. I have had an allergic reaction to literally every product I have ever used from LUSH. But I love the scent. Would it be crazy to boil a pot of water and pop this in to scent the house one day? Like when you boil cinnamon sticks on the stove in the fall? (Seriously, tell me if that sounds crazy.)

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The ladies at LitJoy Crate worked with hand lettering powerhouse, Alexis of Nerdy Post to create a pillowcase with a quote from the book, "Sister in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause in mine."

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LitJoy Creative made exclusive items for the box, again inspired by quotes from the book, buttons and a lasso of truth necklace!

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And those are all the goodies from this month's box! Next month's theme is "Galaxy Games".

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