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September 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

September 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

It's strange to think that it's been a year since I first cohosted a bookstagram photo challenge with the dearest of deers, my friend Syd. Last September we hosted #rosyautumntales, and this year, we'll be honoring that with #rosyautumntales17!

Our challenges are a blend of some fall related things (my favorite season!) and all of the incredible books that are coming our in September! Seriously, so many new releases to look forward to, I'm just waving goodbye to all my money now.

september bookstagram 17.png

1. Off to Hogwarts!
We just can't pass up an opportunity to pack our trunks and get on the Hogwarts express!

2. Goodbye, Summer
What were some of your favorite summer books this year? Recap what we might have missed and what should go on our TBR for next year!

3. Hello, Autumn
For many of us, the weather doesn't suddenly become chilly, but we're still eager to usher in the new season, what book/item do you turn to?

4. Piles of Gold
Gold and yellow books? Gold at Gringots? Gold leaves? You tell us.

5. Maas-sive Love
We're huge fans of SJM, and in honor of Tower of Dawn dropping today share the new title, or your favorite SJM book BF/GF.

6. Tear-jerkers
They both die at the end by Adam Silvera was released yesterday and with that title its time to show off books that made us cry.

7. Twisty Turney
Godsgrave released earlier this week as well, so lets show off some books with plot twists that left us with our mouths open!

8. Flannels and Sandals
Was talking to friend recently who mentioned she looked forward to the best of both worlds in September, share a bookish pic with these items, or share your "best of both worlds".

9.Farmers Market
Take a book out of the house today, or maybe just incorporate some fresh local props to your pic.

10. GoT Withdrawal
It has been a few weeks since the finale of season 7 and we're still not over it....

11. Sleuths & Snoops
Share some brilliant detectives or maybe just a character that is a bit too nosey for their own good.

12. All the Colors
Warcross release date! Let's celebrate with an explosion of colors!

13. Fire or Ice?
Keeping up with new releases is hard! Fireblood came out yesterday and lets show some love by choosing a side, fire or ice?

14. Dragon Love
Before She Ignites was released on Tuesday, and dragon trafficking is a big part of the plot...DRAGONS PEOPLE!

15. Scarftastic
Share your bookish scarf or your coziest wrap with a favorite read.

16. Saturday Shelfie
Who says Sunday has to get all the shelfie love?

17. Furry Friend
While we start adding extra layers, some of our favorite animal characters and real-life fuzzy reading partners are ahead of the game. Show the book with your faovrite animal character, or your reading buddy.

18. Book & Hot Drink
Other people have a bookish mug addition too, right?

19. Dark Sisters
After that killer ending in Three Dark Queens, we're really excited for this new book! Don't follow this series? Share a book with magic or sisters.

20. Classic Remix
Jane Unlimited was released this week, what is your favorite new take on an old classic?

21. Thriller Thursday
Hunting Prince Dracula was released on Tuesday, show off some books that raise your heartrate!

22. Food Fun
Food on the cover? Books with food? You decide.

23. Candlelight
Sure, electricity has been a boon in reducing eyestrain, but with so many great bookish candles, dare to actually light them and dive into that book!

24. Who Needs Sleep?
Just one more page is a common pre-bed refrain. Show off your can't-put-down read with your pajamas and/or cozy socks.

25. Apple Picking
Whether it's a whole bushel, some apple cider, or an apple on the cover, show us one of autumn's best traditions.

26. Bardugo Magic
It's the pub day for The Language of Thorns! Let's share some Leigh Brdugo love, or if you're not a fan, feature another kind of fairytale magic.

27. Time Travel Fun
Invictus came out yesterday and is supposed to be a hell of a time travelling romp. Share your favorite time travel books!  

28. Fall Covers
Enchantment of Ravens was also released this week and has there ever been a more perfect autumn cover?! Show off some autumn type books today.

29. The Kings
Stephen King and Owen King released Sleeping Beauties on the 26th as well, show off this new read, your fave SK, or if that's not your genre, your other favorite king(s).

30. Favorite September Read
Your favorite book of the month.

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