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Harry Potter and the Butterbeer Muddy Buddies

Harry Potter and the Butterbeer Muddy Buddies

While looking at other butterbeer recipes on Pinterest, seeking inspiration for this week's challenge I discovered a recipe from "Hey Let's Make Stuff" for bitterer muddy buddies and I immediately knew that I had my recipe for the Snack Mix day of the challenge.

Cori's Recipe:


  1. Measure the cereal into a large paper bag.

  2. In a medium microwave-safe bowl, add butterscotch chips, chopped butter, vanilla extract, and butter flavoring. Begin by heating on 50% power for 30 seconds. Take out and stir. Repeat in 15 second increments until the mixture is melted and smooth. Do not overcook or the butterscotch will scorch! 

  3. Dump the mixture into the brown paper bag with the cereal. Shake to coat! Spread on a cookie sheet and allow to cool for 20 minutes.

  4. Add the mixture back into the bag (you may need a new bag if the first one is too buttery), and add the powdered sugar. Shake again to coat. Add the Toffee Bits and shake again. Serve, sprinkled with lightning bolt sprinkles!

How it went for me:
While I was wary of butter flavor since I don't particularly enjoy the fake butter taste common on movie popcorn, it was stated that it was vital for the bitterer flavor, so off to the craft store I went. I got the flavoring but could not find any lightening bolt sprinkles (for shame) and decided that some yellow shimmer dust would be every bit as delightful.

I melted the butter, butterscotch chips, and extracts together and spent some time carefully stirring to avoid scorching but for some reason the butter kept wanting to separate from everything else as soon as I stopped stirring. 

For those of you who don't yet know me well, or haven't read many of my other posts, for some reason I have a hard time wanting to measure things properly, or to really follow rules as they have been laid out for me- at least in the kitchen. While this has frequently resulted in disasters of varying degrees for years now, it hasn't deterred this habit.

Which is my way of prefacing the rest of my adventure...
I didn't want to use the bag method for applying the coating to the Chex mix and repeatedly pouring Chex into a measuring cup got boring so I ended up more or less guessing after cup 5 and tossed all the Chex into the bowl with the mixture. There was not enough Chex, but when I tried to forcibly add more to the saturated mix, the poor newbies remained pale, and the saturated squares remained thick.

"Oh well!" I thought, and moved on the powdered sugar. Not wanting the muddy buddies to taste primarily of powdered sugar (as so many batches of muddy buddies do) I decided to only use about 2/3 of the recommended amount, which was quickly absorbed, making the squares thicker. Time to add the edible shimmer powder!
Which added no shimmer but did make a lot of the squares much more yellow than they were before!

I threw the whole bow in the fridge to solidify a bit as it was still warm, and once I pulled it out and tried it, it was incredible! The husband ate some and said, "Daaaamn!" The cats tried to eat some and I said, "Noooo!"
I ate some more and patted my happy belly.

Despite the minor setbacks I consider this a huge success. Mostly because its so damn delicious.
I hope you'll whip up a batch for your next HP marathon or re-read!


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