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Wickworms: Three Dark Crowns

Wickworms: Three Dark Crowns

When I first starting listening to "Three Dark Crowns" by Kendare Blake, I was worried I had made a huge mistake, that given how many characters there were to keep track of, that I would have been better off reading the book rather than listening to it. One of the benefits of listening though was learning that Arisnoe is pronounced "ar-sin-noy," otherwise in my head she would have perpetually been "asron-no". 

At first blush there were definitely some part of the first half of the book that were a little boring for me, but by the very end Blake had set up each of our would-be queens in some very interesting positions for leading into the next book. (I also recently fell down a rabbit hole of reader speculation about Jules that has me rather excited, but that's another kettle of fish all together."

As we eagerly await the release of "One Dark Throne" on September 19, the lovely ladies at Wickworms has put together a fun contest for readers and bookish candle lovers: One Dark Queen. 

It's time to pick a team! Which one of the queens is your favorite; who you'll be backing to take the throne?
From now through September 30 readers can order a "One Dark Queen" box that contains a trio of 4 oz candles, each inspired by one of the queens:
Mirabella- fire, smoke, and rain showers
Arsinoe- honeysuckle, roses, and natural woods
Katharine- juicy apples, spices, and effervescence

Each smells absolutely incredible, though based on scent alone, the spices from Katharine's candle makes her the one I want to root for! I burned this one for an hour after taking pictures.

Whichever queen you choose to celebrate as your favorite, take a picture with preferred monarch's candle and post it on Instagram with #onedarkqueen and you'll be entered to win an amazing prize pack. Each picture you share is one entry into the contest, with a winner selected at the end of September.

Before I can pick a queen-team (how can I choose?!) let's look at all the great details from the collection overall. I especially love the wax chunks that were so prominent in the Arsinoe candle.
Who will you be rooting for?

Arsinoe candle.jpg
mirabella candle.jpg
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