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Nerdy Post: June 2017

Nerdy Post: June 2017

A big congratulations to Alexis for reaching her one year anniversary! This is a major milestone for any business owner, and I think she found the perfect way to honor that and to celebrate her work by including items from a wide variety of fandoms.

I'm more interested in some of the fandoms than others, but every single item is just as beautiful as always. 

Included in this box was the signature color-in postcard featuring quotes from fandoms spanning a wide range of pop culture.

coloring post card june.jpg

The first mini print was from Game of Thrones, describing as Alexis says "our bookish Samwell."

The second mini print featured a Hamilton quote on one side, and a Sherlock quote on the other, the Sherlock print created by @itslauracrow. Despite my theatre background, I'm not familiar with Hamilton. I've heard all about it of course, but out of a desire to one day see the show and experience the music that way, I'm woefully out of touch with this cultural phenomenon. 

Then we have a couple of speciality items: wax melts from NerdWicksCandles that are meant to conjure the Dean vibes from Supernatural (which I will behaving for the fall because this is THE most incredible fall scent), a fabric knot bracelet made from a Harry Potter print fabric, and a coaster, so brilliantly inspired by one of my favorite fandoms, Stranger Things, combing one of 11's quotes with her favorite food.

I adored this month's sticker, not because I'm a huge C.S. Lewis fan, I have to admit I haven't read the books despite enjoying the first movie and the world building there, but because one of my favorite college professors used to call us all "Dearheart." He passed away my senior year and this sticker makes me think more of him than of Narnia.

There were two regular sized bookmarks included, with quotes from Disney (Lilo & Stitch), Pride and Prejudice, Marvel (Iron Man), and Tolkien. I especially love the Lilo & Stitch one because it describes one of my cats rather well!

The fat bookmark has a Doctor Who quote on one side and a Star Wars quote on the other. I'm one of the rare people who has never watched Doctor Who. I've been told I can pick up from the first of the newer seasons without having to go back the stuff from the 70s, but I've just never done it. I love the Princess Leia quote and am happy to have this special reminder of a badass heroine, played by an incredible woman.

And finally, there's this month's poster. I'm not sure why I look forward to the poster the most each month other than maybe it arrives rolled up, not immediately revealing its secrets once I open the box. This poster is dedicated to one of my favorite shows, the all too short gem that is "Firefly"! I'm thrilled to add this piece of artwork to my walls. And I decided to use the picture that shared Mia trying to move in the on the cupcakes that I used as part of the celebration theme for the photos. I had been scooting her away for most of the shoot, and then not too long after this I turned my back for one second and found her liking the frosting off one of the cupcakes. (She's the one I was referring to with the badness level quote!)

I enjoyed everything from this month's box, once again surprised and inspired in equal turns. 

I skipped the July box as it was Alice in Wonderland themed, and while I appreciate the world and have read both that and Through the Looking Glass, I'm not a big enough fan to accumulate fandom items.

Here's looking forward to what delights August will bring!

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