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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Wishlist

I’ve become a big fan of Top Ten Tuesday, enjoying pondering answers to the weekly themes, and reading about other people’s bookish preferences. This week the gang over at The Broke and The Bookish challenged us to share our top ten items on our reading wishlist, but for me, I knew it would read more like a rehash of the things that make me instantly want to read a book, so instead I wanted to curate a different kind of book wishlist.

Like many bookstagrammers, I’ve become addicted to book-inspired candles. There’s a warm and wonderful joy that comes from lighting a candle and finding that the scent whispering through your room conjures a favorite character, or captures a fictional place.

And while many books have (thankfully) inspired a boon of candles, like J.K. Rowling and Sarah J Maas’ books, I wanted to create a wishlist for some of my favorite, and maybe overlooked titles, as course material for candle creation. There mights also be a few book boyfriends I’d love to enjoy in candle form!

Some of these I’m totally serious about wanting as real candles to burn away merrily in my home, and some are just more a fun “What would that be like?” contemplation.

1 The Book: The Magicians
The Candle Name: Fillory
Scent Profile: Fresh Grass and Magic
I love when candles include a “scent” that is more like a feeling or an intangible experience, like The Melting Library citing “Fae Essence” as part of a scent profile. I’d want to capture Fillory in the peak of summer, and the abundance of magic everywhere. The candle would be a great hit with talking animals.

2 The Book: One for the Money
The Candle Name: Stephanie Plum
Scent Profile: Butterscotch Krimpets and Big Hair
I’m a huge fan of the early Stephanie Plum books and would love to see more ways to celebrate one of my favorite explosion-prone heroines. I don’t know that I would want a candle that smelled like hairspray, but in this case it’s more about the idea than the actual execution.

3 The Book: The Gunslinger
The Candle Name: Ka-Tet
Scent Profile: Roses and Sandalwood
With the new trailer out for The Dark Tower I’m reminded of how much I loved the first book in the series. This could be a legit candle in any shop and it would sell like gangbusters to all us King fans.

4 The Book: The Royal We
The Candle Name: Prince Nicholas
Scent Profile: Crisp Linen and Strong Tea, or Champagne
I, like Bex, most definitely fangirled hard all over Nick despite all the complications that came from his royal family. As antiquated as it may be, I enjoyed the hell out of the soapy book where the girl gets the prince, and I could use more of that ridiculous and charming fun.

5 The Book: The Line
The Candle Name: Savannah
Scent Profile: Spanish Moss and Lightening
I really enjoyed the Witching Savannah books, a trilogy (plus a spinoff book I haven’t read) that I think hasn’t gotten enough credit or attention. As I read each of these books I became enamored with the area in which they took place, even researching trips to Georgia to explore this world so foreign to me. I still want to go, but I’ll have to set my witchy expectations aside and settle for what real life has to offer.

6 The Book: Her Royal Spyness
The Candle Name: Darcy
Scent Profile: Whiskey and Romance
What would romance smell like in this case? Irish Spring soap. A terrible and cliched scent to attach to a dashing gentleman from Ireland but it’s the first thing that popped into my head. If you haven’t read any of the Her Royal Spyness books you’re missing out on an utterly charming book boyfriend from a very sweet cozy mystery series.

7 The Book: Lumberjanes
The Candle Name: Hardcore Lady Types
Scent Profile: Pine and Glitter (lots and lots of glitter)
While it’s a comic book series and not a novel, I need more Lumberjanes in my life. These gals were my first foray into the world of comics and I so appreciate the awesome messages of feminism and inclusion that the series promotes. I love the scent of fresh pine and I love glitter (just like Ripley) and out of all theoretical candles I’ve proposed this is the one I want the most in real life. (Take note candle makers!)

8 The Book: Cloud Atlas
The Candle Name: Cloud Atlas Sextet
Scent Profile: Jasmine, Violet, and Citrus
How do you find a scent for music? In this case I tried to pick scents that are strong, soaring, and well, I love the scent of citrus, just like I love the music that Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, and Reinhold Heil created for the film adaptation of the book.
Just, please, no one make a candle for Slade House.

9 The Book: Dietland
The Candle Name: Dietland
Scent Profile: Cupcakes and Feminism
In this case the title of the book would be the perfect name for the candle, and the scent would have to take into consideration the awesome cupcake bomb design from the front cover in conjunction with the awesome parts of the story in which we see feminism at its best. There are definitely aspects of extremism in this book that I can’t condone, but overall the story balances thought provoking moments with serious fun. This book is on my mind because it’s May’s pick for the Circles of Change Book Club.

10 The Book: Gone Girl, Final Girls
The Candle Name: Sorry, Not Sorry
Scent Profile: Lilies and Steel
What can I say, I’m a sucker for a thrilling story with a lady who brings a whole new flavor of crazy to #girlboss. This candle would be in honor of all the literary ladies who know their way around a weapon and a devious plan.

What overlooked book do you want to see as source material for a candle?

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