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Stars Hollow Monthly: April 2017 and Special Edition

Stars Hollow Monthly: April 2017 and Special Edition

Hello my fabulous Gilmore Gals and Guys!

LitCube delivered some especially fantastic goodies in April with their Special Edition Luke and Lorelai Wedding Box, and their Life and Death Brigade themed box.

I've made it no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Life and Death Brigade part of the GG narrative. I have an In Omnia Paratus print from WindowShopGal up on my wall, and whenever someone inquires about my all time favorite Gilmore Girls episode, my answer is always, "You Jump, I Jump, Jack."

So imagine my delight when the April SHM box included a t shirt with the group's iconic phrase:

An umbrella with the phrase that inspired the title of the episode, as well as a way to officially mark myself as an honorary member! (And those champagne glasses!)

Did I open my second floor office window and lean out of it while all alone in the house to take this picture? Of course, that's what any sane person would do.

As every good member of the Life and Death Brigade should be prepared to travel at moment's notice, there's a passport holder/wallet. For the picture I included my old airplane ticket to Vegas and the card for taking the Las Vegas monorail, because where else to enjoy some high class debauchery? I'm eager to use this holder when I travel to the UK this fall, almost like I'm visiting Logan!

And last but not least, there's a magnet with a design inspired by the return of the Life and Death Brigade crew all grown up, as seen in the Gilmore Girls revival. This was by far one of my favorite storylines in the revival and I'm happy to have the reminder of the kind of crazy fun that can be had long after college is over.

Speaking of the revival!
When the show returned with new episodes we finally got to enjoy Lorelai and Luke tying the knot. Stars Hollow Monthly wanted to invite everyone to be a part of their wedding and sent out celebratory cookies:

SHM l&l invite.jpg

Unfortunately, my box took a beating during shipping, resulting in a broken, but still beautiful cookie created by Sweets By Steph. As I'm gluten free my husband got pretty excited when I mentioned the cookie would be up for grabs after I was done photographing it. 

The snowflake tissue paper in the box felt so very Lorelai, like something she would have picked out herself in celebration of the snow that falls just for her. You can see some of those flakes along with this awesome mug with the quote "I believe in a former life, I was coffee."

And though it was Max who delivered on a thousand yellow daisies, you'd have to have the cheeriest flower involved somehow when it comes to romancing Lorelai, hence the lovely daisy infinity scarf also included in each box. If you take a look on social media you'll see that the daisy print scarf came in a variety of colors, and I personally love my pale green one. It's a lovely addition to my spring wardrobe, and pairs perfectly with a few of my books. 

Before you get worried that this box was really celebrating all things Lorelai, and forgetting about our favorite grumpy diner-owner, you can show your Luke pride with a special t-shirt letting people know exactly where you'd prefer to be. Though I feel like the no cellphone rule is pretty hard to abide by!

SHM SE Luke's shirt.jpg

And then, like the perfect wedding favor, or at least the favor I'd probably create if I could do my wedding all over again, a mini candle from In the Wick of Time that marries (pun intended) the scents and loves of our leading couple. 

Every aspect of both of these boxes was utterly charming and has made it so that my Gilmore Girls pride is obvious in almost every corner of my life, from my home to how I travel.

If you'd like to learn more about the Stars Hollow Monthly Box, or to see the other amazing Gilmore Girls inspired merch that Lit Cube offers, visit their website
You can get 10% off your first box with the code "caseyrosereads".

What kind of GG inspired items would you like in your life?

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