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Once Upon A Book Club Box: May 2017

Once Upon A Book Club Box: May 2017

This month the adult box from Once Upon A Book Club delivered another wonderful book adventure, allowing the reader to pluck objects from the past write along with our main characters. 

"Love and Gravity" by Samantha Sotto is a time travel book with a hint of historical realism in that real scientist Sir Isaac Newton, before he was a sir, is one of the main characters. 

Publishers description:
Andrea Louviere is seven years old the first time he appears. While she’s alone in her bedroom, practicing her beloved cello, the light shivers and a crack forms in the wall. Through the crack, she sees a candle, a window, a desk—and a boy. Though no sound travels through the wall, the boy clearly sees Andrea, too. And then, just as quickly as it opened, the crack closes, and he vanishes.
Over the years, summoning the bright, magnetic boy becomes something of an obsession for Andrea. Then, on her seventeenth birthday, she receives a three-hundred-year-old love letter from Isaac Newton. Andrea knows that Isaac will change the world with his groundbreaking discoveries; the letter tells Andrea that she will change him.
As Isaac’s letters intensify in passion and intimacy, Andrea grows determined to follow his clues to their shared destiny—despite a burgeoning romance in the present. Only when she discovers the way into Isaac’s time does Andrea realize that she faces a heartbreaking decision: between what was . . . and what might be.

This was a 3.75 star read for me. 
I was already wary from the get go as I was devastated by The Time Traveler's Wife, becoming so emotionally involved with these characters that I continue to feel heartache for these fictional people years later- something I imagined would make for a tough comparison against any other romantic time travel book. 
And I was right. 

Love and Gravity delivered some beautiful writing, describing concepts like love and music in such compelling ways. It also kept me reading, at no point growing bored by any of the story.
But the Isaac Newton romance for some reason just didn't resonate with me. It felt like such an arbitrary choice. I wasn't as invested with these characters as I have been in other books, but a perfectly pleasant read is never a bad thing. 

A mild spoiler: there is some vaguely Outlander-esque material in the novel that didn't work for me personally. I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't go into further details, but I thought it was an odd plot device more than a natural or necessary enhancement of the story.

The Gifts!

When Andrea's father gets remarried Andrea is made to wear a flower crown in her role as the flower girl. She's not a fan, but I'm loving this accessory!

On page 61 Andrea is 17 when she opens the mysterious delivery from Mr. Westin, a letter from Isaac, not yet fully explaining what is going on, but assuring her that he is real.

Andrea receives a bracelet as a birthday gift from her mother's boyfriend while in Sri Lanka when she's 18.

This watch is inspired by the 1950's Omega Seamaster watch that Andrea gifts to Issac. 

A closeup of the sky that glitters on the watch face. 

OUABCB may page 315.jpg

Without spoiling too much I will only say that Nate, who has always loved Andrea, receives a mysterious gift as well. 

The lovely quote card designed for the box.

What did you think of this adventure? 

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