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Nerdy Post Box: May 2017

Nerdy Post Box: May 2017

I'm embarrassed to say that this is actually the fourth Nerdy Post box I've received, but for whatever reason the first I'm sharing on The Joyful Pen! 

This month I was so excited about the contents of the Sarah J Maas themed box that I framed one of the prints and put it up on the wall, only to have to take it out of the frame so I could include a pic of it in my unboxing, without all the glass glare. 

As SJM has landed in a tier of author appreciation with the likes of JK Rowling, I was especially pleased to see a whole box dedicated to her work. And Nerdy Post (as always!) delivered more amazing, high quality goodies than I could have possibly anticipated.

I am ecstatic about this Amulet of Orynth pin and having this little bit of important Throne of Glass mythology for myself. Side note: I'm one of those people who loves a well-crafted pin, but am never sure how to best incorporate them in my wardrobe or how to display them, so if you're a pin-wizard please pass your wisdom on to me!

There were also 3 button style pins that showcase Alexis's font talent while also sharing some quotes that feel like they'll be helpful for those days when you need that extra "oomph" to get you through the day, or to at least remind you of your book boyfriend/girlfirend.

Included in the box was a treat from AllOfTheBookThings, bath dust that could make you to feel like you're taking one of those baths that Feyre and Rhysand enjoyed together. I think it's an inspired item to include and I love that Alexis incorporates other handmade/indie businesses in her boxes. I know bath products are crazy popular these days but thanks to my allergies I won't get to try this one. (I've had an allergic reaction to every single product I've ever used from Lush and will never be one of the cool kids with all the awesome bath bombs.) But the packaging is awesome and I love being introduced to new shops.

This tattoo was a bonus item for the box, alternately, if you didn't receive the palm tattoo, you received a set of Rattle the Stars nails that Alexis designed and was produced by Espionage Cosmetics. I'll admit that I'm jealous of those who received the nails as I would have loved to try Espionage Cosmetic's product. But the tattoo is amazing and now it's a question of keeping this lovely artwork or finding the perfect moment to wear it!

There are few images that feel as iconic as the mountains that grace Rhysand's knees and I've enjoyed seeing all the interpretations of those mountains in designs I've seen all kinds of artists create. This sticker design is gorgeous enough that it could be a tattoo.

When I first saw this bookmark there was something about it that tickled my brain, it seemed familiar, and then when I read the card with all the details about the products I realized that it was because it was designed by Brittney from HerBookishThings! I've ordered some of Brittney's work before and will happily order more in the future. I'm thrilled to see her work included in this box. 

I love this quote and it is the perfect choice for a bookmark!

This Abraxos poster is from another guest artist, TJ Lubrano. As Alexis shares on the details card, "And the bigger the better to soak up those delicious details."

I was so excited to see this quote, this beautifully designed bit of motivation that I immediately framed it and but it up on my shelf, forgetting to take a picture first. Since the print has been carefully attached to the mat, I let it on there after taking it out of the frame. This is exactly the kind of work I need in my office/library.

Included in each box is a coloring postcard and the details are always so interesting. There have been many fans who have wondered what Aelin and Feyre meeting would look like, Alexis has given us a moment when each of our leading ladies has an opportunity to show the other her powers.

And lastly, there is this amazing quote that as Alexis pointed out, you don't see on items much. Which is a shame because I love the way that it reframes the context of darkness and serves as a reminder of all the places joy can still be found. 

June's box is an anniversary box and will include items from a wide variety of fandoms, and there are past boxes and items available for purchase, so head over to Nerdy Post and check them out!

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