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Bookstagram Aesthetics

Bookstagram Aesthetics

There is a lot of talk about aesthetics on Instagram these days. Given that instagram is a primarily visual experience, it makes sense that we would be interested in honing our best sense of beauty.


The noun definition of “aesthetic” is “the philosophical theory or set of principles governing the idea of beauty at a given time and place” but I think that included with time and place should be person or brand.

For the first day of the #springtalesandroses challenge we asked you to share your aesthetic and to potentially share about yourself, what you find beautiful and what brings you joy.

This is my aesthetic, as a bookstagrammer, and in some cases, as a person.

Clean Whites: While I dabbled for awhile in taking pictures across a range of backgrounds and textures, indoors and outside, eventually I came to settle on clean white backgrounds. The white often provides the best opportunity for the books, especially their jacket designs, to shine.

Flowers: I love to include flowers, both real and fake. Flowers create interesting texture and bring joyful pops of color. Hydrangeas and peonies have some of the most interesting textures. And though they rarely make an appearance in my pictures, I adore lilacs and will only settle for the real thing so I can enjoy their delightful scent.

Art Supplies: Another object that brings welcome pops of color are markers and colored pencils, but more than just a prop, these are items that have always been a part of my life, from years of art classes to a soothing practice wherever I’ve lived.

Bookish Goods: Every bookish item I buy or that I have gifted to me feels like a badge of honor. It’s a way to not only further celebrate a beloved book or series, it’s also an opportunity to declare my pride in my book-nerdiness. This includes book candles, bookmarks, bookish jewelry, book apparel, and book-inspired art.

Food: Food is a part of every culture, and I often find that the bookstagram culture in particular has a bit of a sweet tooth. Where would we be without our chocolate frogs or butterbeer? In particular I like to show off items I’ve made, or showcase the goods from amazing local bakeries and cafes. The macarons in this pic are divine, blood orange and lemon from a local bakery, The Sweet Praxis, and the yellow rose style cupcake is a gf pineapple cupcake from The Cookie Connection.

The Books: I love when books in a series all have the same design. I love finding hidden embossing or little details behind hardcover book jackets. I like book designs with interesting fonts and rich colors.


Things I love (without aesthetics playing a part)

Preferred Reading: I love books with epic world-building and unique mythology. I’m dazzled by vivid descriptions and often swept away by magic. I also adore a good mystery, always hoping to solve everything before the main character does. I’m the first to admit that I often put worldbuilding and plot over characters.

Methods of Reading: I read paperbacks, hardcovers, and ebooks, and I listen to audiobooks. If there’s a method of sinking into a great story, I want it. Audiobooks are my savior when I’m doing household chores like folding laundry or vacuuming the house. They’re also how I encourage myself to go out and walk without a destination, enjoying the activity while I get to enjoy a book. Many of the galleys I read are only available to me as ebooks, so I’m always happy to turn to my trusty first edition Kindle. That thing has been everywhere with me.

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