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March 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

March 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

My lovely friend Syd (better known as Deertales on bookstagram!) and I have returned with another book pic challenge.

Below are details for each day’s challenge for the month of March and they are unapologetically full of florals. We hope you’ll join us in having some fun, showing off your creativity, and celebrating all things Spring!


1. #Myaesthetic
As each day we find ourselves meeting new bookstagrammers, gaining new followers, let's take some time to  reintroduce ourselves and share a little bit about either the aesthetic of our pics, or of our life, or both!

2. Spring Showers
Any books that made you cry? No judgement from us!

3.Lavender Books
Lavender and Lilac are favorite spring scents, not to mention such gorgeous colors. Show off your pastel purples.

4. Morning Sunrise
A sunrise book ombre, morning reads, morning coffee, just celebrate the AM today!

5. March Merch
What can we say, we like a play on words. Show off your favorite bookish goods and don’t forget to tag those indie shops!

6. Rainy Reads
Drink umbrellas count as rainy day gear, right? What do you read or use on a rainy day?

7. Tulips
These babies are practically the official flower of spring, show off some tulips whether it's on a book cover, fake flowers, or the real deal.

8. International Women’s Day
Let's celebrate our female authors and/or favorite female characters.

9. Watercolor Vibes
Find those book covers with watercolor style or paint-like design, or show off some bookish artwork.

10. Spring Court
Yes, Tamlin's a controlling garbage fae (sorry for potential spoilers, readers!) but his kingdom is populated with some other awesome people and smells like the freshest florals, so let’s show the territory some love.

11. Spring Cleaning
Time to dust off those DNF titles and the other neglected books and consider donating them to a local library. Or we encourage you to use today to take a pic and offer to do a bookswap with other bookstagrammers.

12. Spring Forward!
Longer days invites longer books, show us those fat novels.

13. Robin’s Egg Blue
Truly, any shade of blue will do! But we love those pastel spring vibes (and those candy eggs that are starting to make an appearance).

14. Pi Day
We’re more likely to pick literature over math, but we do enjoy any reason to celebrate pie! Books and any baked goods if no pie can be found.

15. Scavenger Hunt
Time to flip through your books and show some love to chapter headers! Let’s find some that remind us of Spring or are just too pretty not to share.

16. Belle’s Library
Who wouldn’t want to be gifted a library so large it has more than one floor and requires ladders to access the shelves? Show off your library or your Beauty and the Beast merch in honor of the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

17. Rainbow
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Time for a bookish rainbow, and maybe a pot of gold at the end?

18. Fresh Grass
Get some greenery in your pics today!

19. Flower Power
Books and flowers (any kind!), or share if you have a book that blends flowers and magic.

20. Oh, Happy Day
It’s the Spring Equinox and International Day of Happiness. Share what makes you happy about the book community.

21. Shelf Sunshine
Yellow books to brighten up your feed.

22. Sea of Books
It’s World Water Day. It’s easy to take for granted how easily we can access fresh, clean water every day. After you create your sea of books consider visiting the UN’s website for Water Day.

23. March Hare
Bunnies are starting to pop up everywhere! Show off your adorable rabbits, or put the spotlight on the Lewis Carroll character.

24. Where I Read
Show off your favorite reading spot, or your current reading spot for the day.

25. March Madness
Books that drove you crazy, either in a good way or a bad way.

26. Great Outdoors
Now that the weather is getting nice again consider taking a pic outside, or share a book where nature is key.

27. #Bookthroughphone
Combining two bookstagrammer favorites, books and our phones create a special piece of visual art.

28. Butterflies/Moths
Not everyone is into moths (those powdery wings!) but most people are into Laini Taylor so let's celebrate her new book "Strange the Dreamer" and her moth illustrated cover. Not your genre? Then go crazy with the butterflies.

29. Longest on TBR
That book you’ve owned forever but just can’t seem to get to.

30. Flower Crown
Make one, buy one, share bookish artwork with a flower crown (this Ronan design!) and celebrate more Spring to come!

31. Wrap Up
Either show us everything you've read this month or tell us about your absolute favorites.

Weekly Reads: February 15-21

Weekly Reads: February 15-21

Bookstagram Pic How To

Bookstagram Pic How To