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Weekly Reads: February 8-14

Weekly Reads: February 8-14

Hello again, readers!
This past week was an even split of audiobooks and hardcovers with a total of four finished stories. At this point I am 7 books ahead of my Goodreads challenge leaving a nice cushion for those busier weeks that always crop up as the year progresses.

Right Behind You, Lisa Gardner
January 31 2017
3.75 Stars

Interesting characters and a few small twists that were fun to explore. There was a certain repetitiveness to some of the characters thoughts and ideas that made me feel antsy to keep moving forward, to suss out what was really going on beyond the red herrings.
Overall I personally prefer the D.D Warren books. 

And while I understand that the narrator is tasked with bringing the characters to life and they take their cues from the text, listening to conversations with an elderly sick angry character was annoying, enough that I had wished I was reading instead of listening.


King's Cage, Victoria Aveyard
February 7 2017
4 Stars

This was a slow start for me. It took almost 200 pages before we got to a place where I was truly interested in what was happening. I think the length and pain of Mare's captivity could have been pared down by at least 50 pages and achieved the same, if not better, feeling and understanding of her predicament and the complications of Maven. 

I really enjoyed getting to read Evangeline's point of view, coming to really appreciate her as a character.
I liked when we were introduced to more newbloods and the teasing at the reasons for what are essentially genetic mutations. 

The ending was heartbreaking for so many characters. Beyond the the would-be romances I think there is a reality that no one really wins in a war and there are likely to be many more losses, emotionally and bodily before the series is done.
I'm not sure what the last book will hold but I can't help but think that a happy ending wrapped in a bow is an unlikely outcome.


Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between), Lauren Graham
November 29 2016
5 Loving Stars

After buying the hardcover and letting it sit on my shelf for months I finally realized that what I really wanted was to the listen to the audiobook, to hear Lauren Graham perform her own words, and it was every bit as delightful as I hoped it would be. 
Especially the story about "slapping that bass," it wouldn't have been nearly as hilarious to read it as it was to hear it sung. 

This book was a great reminder of what I sometimes miss about acting, an insight into her personal experience as an acting professional, and full of factoids I hadn't encountered before.

Watching A Year in the Life was not everything I had hoped it would be, and the scenes of grieving over Richard hit too close to home in the wake of losing my own father that year, so to revisit Graham's time in those moments was a much of a roller coaster for me as it was for her in the moment. I actually sat down and cried a few times while listening, mostly when Kelly Bishop's speaking to a spectral Ed Herman came up. 

Overall it gives the kind of fictitious friendship feeling one might always hope to have with a star, especially with one who plays such a beloved character.


The Possessions: A Novel, Sara Flannery Murphy
February 7 2017
3 Stars

I'm having a surprisingly difficult time unpacking my feelings about this book.
At first, I was intrigued by the premise and pulled along by the language.

But then it began to feel as though there were too many plot lines being woven in the same beige and white narrative threads. There's a lot to be intrigued by and upset by in theory, but it's presented in a way that begins to feel as innocuous as the bodies at the Elysian Society. 

I can't help but feel like I wanted this book to be something different than it was. Maybe either strictly a thrilling mystery, or a mediation on what it means to be alive, or something else entirely.

Overall I felt like I meandered my way through a strange slice of someone's life, not learning anything or feeling changed by the experience.


This week I've started listening to the audiobook of A Court of Mist and Fury! I wanted to re-read the book before the May release of ACOWAR, but decided instead of reading that I would listen, enjoying the almost 24 hours of content! So that one will keep new audiobooks off my list for awhile.

What have you been reading? Any books or audiobooks you recommend?


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Weekly Reads: February 1-7

Weekly Reads: February 1-7