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January 2018 Bookstagram Challenge

January 2018 Bookstagram Challenge


Happy soon-to-be New Year, Readers!
Syd (@deertales) and I are ready to channel all things cozy as we usher in 2018. I first read "The Little Book of Hygge" last January and it helped me find the happy in the cold weather and days spent indoors. In my neck of the woods we average about 10 feet of snow each winter, so I could use all the cozy I can get!

I think of most of the prompts starting with an unspoken "Books and..." So books and fairy lights, books and fresh greens, books and special hot beverage," etc..

We hope that participating in this challenge not only offers you the opportunity to create beautiful pictures, but to take the time to bring good things into your life, and to take the time to unplug and practice some self care. 

1 Fairy Lights
Nothing gives a fun cozy feeling quite like the glow of strands of lights everywhere!

2 Fresh Greens
Bring in a sprig of evergreen, or maybe commit to a new little potted plant to brighten your room year round.

3 Special Hot Beverage
Hot Cocoa or Glogg anyone?

4 Friends
Hygge celebrates coming together with friends and family, share a bookish moment together, or tag some friends you cherish on Instagram.

5 Blankets
Pull up a blanket (or two) and stay toasty with a good book.

6 Baked Goods
Turn on the oven and make a special treat while filling your home with warmth. Not much of a baker? Why not support a local business with your tasty purchase.

7 Cozy Socks (#socksunday)
We love #socksunday, and today, the thicker and cozier the socks, the better!

8 Letters/Cards
Take the time to handwrite a little missive to someone.

9 Stars
Winter skies deliver clear nights, perfect for seeing the stars, share you happiest cosmic items, or try to capture the night sky

10 Ceramic
A beautiful vase, a favorite tea pot, or a new mug can all give that hyggelig feeling.

11 Mittens/Scarves
Take that book out for a walk, but keep warm while you're out and about!

12 Spa
Indulge in some selfcare today, use that bookish bath bomb you've been saving, or maybe paint your nails while listening to a new audiobook.

13 Candles
Bookstagram loves candles! Today's a great day to light as many as you can and turn off those electric lights.

14 Reading Nook
Make your favorite reading space extra cozy today, or pop some blankets and pillows in front of your shelves and surround yourself the comfort of books. A great day for #shelfiesunday!

15 Furry Friends
What better time to be extra grateful for our furry friends than during the months when they help keep us warm?

16 Take A Break
Hygge is all about unplugging, but we understand how hard that is! Take the day off from posting, or if that is too much, post and then stay off your phone for a few hours.

17 Comfort Food
Time to bust out those warm-you-up-from-the-inside meals, the ones that make you sigh with contentment while nourishing your soul.

18 Crafting
Check out a knitting tutorial, make some snuggly felted animals, or make a new bookmark!

19 Hot Tea/Coffee
Coffee or tea? Either way, enjoy the warmth and grab a quiet moment to decompress or read. 

20 Roaring Fireplace
Even if you don't have the real deal, the ambiance of the Netflix fireplace can be a treat.

21 Cozy #sundayvibes
When we think Sundays in winter we picture sleeping in, waffles, pajamas, long hours reading- essentially anything that conjures cozy!

22 Fresh Florals
Treat yourself to a breath of another season- a single blossom or a whole bouquet, whatever you bring home, take time to literally stop and smell the roses (or any other bloom!)

23 Indoor Picnic
For those of us in the Northern climes, a picnic can feel like it's only in the all too distant future. Time to throw down a blanket indoors, and set up a mini feast, tables be damned.

24 Journal
Take some time to reflect on things you're grateful for, your dreams for the year to come, and maybe add a little section for your 2018 TBR list!

25 Sweaters
No winter season is complete without this fashion staple, and sweater stacks are a bookstagram classic.

26 Board/Card Games
From Candy Land to Cards Against Humanity, sitting down around a game is one of the best kinds of togetherness. Bonus points if it's a book related game!

27 Step Outside
Part of the hygge mentality is finding ways to embrace the weather of the season and enjoy time outside, even when it's cold. 

28 Sunday Breakfast
Sunday breakfast is a great time to slow down, to spend hours over a meal, reading, chatting, relishing the day.

29 Pillows
Cozy, fun, and the perfect construction material for a blanket fort!

30 Coloring Books
Not just for kids anymore, there are so many great options for taking some time to relax while visiting favorite book characters or beautiful scenes.

31 Your Coziest Thing
We've included all kinds of suggested items and places in our prompts, now you tell us where or what makes you feel the coziest, the happiest, the most at peace.

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