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December 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

December 2017 Bookstagram Challenge


Wherever did 2017 go, Bookstagrammers? We’ve gone from challenge to challenge, celebrated old books and new, if you’re anything like me, taken thousands and thousands of pictures in order to get the hundreds that we ultimately shared with everyone this year.

For our last challenge of 2017 Syd (@deertales) and I are inviting you to go on a bookish rewind! This month is a mix of sharing your favorite reads of the year, celebrating the beautiful work you’ve done, and assigning superlatives to your favorite books and characters, and maybe even your fellow bookstagrammers!

Below are some suggestions on how you could use each day's theme, but I love seeing people who interpret our challenges in unique ways, so always bring your own unique eye to the challenge.

1. Best January Read
Let’s start at the beginning! Whether it was brand new January publication or a favorite you revisit every year.

2. Most Likely to Succeed
Which character is going to make it big long after the story is over?

3. Best Author Moment
What author were you the most enjoy seeing in person this year? Or what author announcement/interview thrilled you? (Leigh Bardugo announcing the Nikolai book, anyone?)

4. Best February Read
Were you in a romantic mood? Or did you forgo Valentine hearts for something darker?

5. Cutest Couple
Can you pick just one literary couple to deem the cutest?

6. Biggest Flirt
Some characters can make you blush with just a few words!

7. Best March Read
Did you enjoy shamrock green covers? Or maybe the perfect book about Spring?

8. Best Clever Comeback
I can never think of the perfect reply in the moment, thankfully writers have time to craft the perfect clapback!

9. Biggest Goof/Class Clown
Who’s the one character who always makes not only make the people around him laugh, but make you laugh out loud as you’re reading?

10. Favorite Shelfie
#SundayShelfie meets #ThrowbackThursday as you share your favorite shelfie from the year.

11. Best April Read
April showers make for a great time to inside and read!

12. Favorite Foodie Pic
Many of you shared pics of delicious treats along with your reads, which was your favorite?

13. Best May Read
Our May challenge was “Road to BookCon”- did you get a chance to read a book from one of the featured authors?

14. Most Artistic
Which character is creating work you’d love to see in real life?

15. Best June Read
When you were halfway through the year (and maybe through your TBR?) what book delighted you?

16. Biggest Nerd
We all know Nerds are the best!

17. Best July Read
What book sparked mental fireworks?

18. Most Conceited
This character never met a mirror they didn’t love!

19. Best Hair
Fictional characters have the ability to defy physics and have perpetually amazing hair!

20. Best August Read
If you’re in the US- this might be the book that was your Summer Blockbuster!

21. Drama Queen/King
This character has a flair for the dramatic, wether it’s called for or not.

22. Favorite Colorful Pic
Maybe a rainbow stack or a color theme, show us which colorful pic you’re most proud of.

23. Best September Read
It’s more than okay if once again getting on the Hogwarts Express was your favorite September adventure!

24. Most Dependable
Maybe a character you wish you could pluck from the pages and into your life to right every wrong?

25. Best October Read
Did you find a new favorite spooky read?

26. Best Bromance
Which dude besties have a the truest friendship?

27. Best November Read
Give thanks for the book that kept you riveted!

28. Most Unforgettable
Which book do you find yourself still thinking about? Or that you find yourself recommending to every person who asks for a new read?

29. Most Glamorous
Who channels the most glitter and glow?

30. Best December Read
Did you escape the cold with a visit somewhere warm, or did visit colder fictional climes?

31. Favorite Pic of the Year
If you posted at least one pic everyday that’s 364 pics to chose from! Which one is the reigning champion of 2017?


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