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Nerdy Post August 2017

august nerdy post box.JPG

There's nothing quite like getting ready to head back to Hogwarts! Every September 1 I like to pretend that after wandering through Diagon Alley, I'll be hopping on the Hogwarts Express and returning to the Gryffindor common room.
Nerdy Post made it oh-so-easy to keep the Hogwarts vibe alive all year long with their August box!

Every Nerdy Post box comes with a color-in postcard within the theme of the box. With the combination of the school, the train, and our darling Hedwig, this is my favorite postcard so far!

august nerdy post postcard.JPG

One of the unique items in the box was a notebook, which was co-created with @carakozik, and I adore the way there's representation for each house, as well as some of the most important items from the books, like broomsticks and the sorting hat!

HP notebook nerdy post.JPG

But there was still yet another really unique item included in this box! Now I have a brand new way to show off my HP pride as I can wear this necklace everywhere! This is the first time that Nerdy Post has done an item like this, and they worked with @lapelyeah to create this beautiful pendant necklace.

hp necklace nerdy post.JPG

Not only is the one side of this fat bookmark beautifully designed, I love that Alexis pointed out what a lovely, and often overlooked, quote this is from our bighearted groundskeeper. This piece immediately went up on the board that I keep on the wall right next to my desk to remind me how great it is to be me.

nerdy post hagrid quote.jpg

The other side of this bookmark included a stunning design by @tillanddill that shows the marauders in their animal forms.

maruaders nerdy post.JPG

The next item is a sticker by @nattibie that features a different, but equally important trio from the HP universe, which the designer called the "Silver Trio."

trio sticker nerdy post.JPG

Alexis shared that she wanted to share a quote from Hermione and Ron, one on each side of this lovely bookmark. They are definitely some of my favorite quotes!

hermione bookmark nerdy post.JPG
muggles bookmark nerdy post.JPG

The mini print included in the box is by @sorryforwastingpaint. I love this quote and can't wait to put it in a frame and get it on one of my gallery shelves!

hp quote nerdy post.JPG

The last item, the poster print, is a true collaboration between Alexis and @tjlubrano, with Alexis's lettering and the watercolor art from TJ. This is a quote from Ginny about Fred and George, and my heart belongs to those twins.

august poster nerdy post.JPG
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