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August Instagram Photo Challenge

August Instagram Photo Challenge

I decided to host my first bookstagram photo challenge during the month of my birthday. Most of the challenges are inspired by the things I love and I hope you’ll love them too.

Since many of you will participate in multiple challenges for August I did not include a month TBR pile or a wrap up as I know they’re common to other challenges and I want to give you some variety.
I will be picking a handful of favorite pics from this challenge to feature each week. 

I’ve written out some descriptions for each day’s challenge, especially for those that are not self explanatory. Feel free to ask me for further clarification if you need it. 
Can’t do or don’t want to do every challenge? That’s cool. This should always be a fun experience so participate to the degree that works best for you.

1. Harry Potter Celebration
Even though I won’t be reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I want to celebrate it’s publication yesterday and the official debut of the play. (I’ve talked about it with a few people on Instagram before, about how plays are meant to be heard and/or seen, and how reading them can be a disappointing experience. Now I just need to avoid spoilers until I can get tickets next year!)

2. Book Art
This can be art you’ve made, or purchased from artist, inspired by a book or a beautiful artistic book cover. 

3. Brings You Joy
Have you ever read a book that literally made you kick your legs up in the air while you’re sitting there reading it? Made you grin uncontrollably? I want to know about that book.

4. Favorite Author
How do you pick just one?

5. Snacktastic
I love snacks and I love the word “snack”. Whether literary snacks, like tiny bits of fiction or edible snacks like cheese and crackers. Show me your snacks.

6. Naked Spines
I love taking a book jacket off, like unwrapping a present and seeing what beautiful secrets wait on the spine. Some of the most elegant fonts or surprising images are printed there. 

7. Royalty
I’ve always been fascinated by royalty. Who’s your favorite court member or literary ruler?

8. Book and Hobby
What else tickles your mind, feeds your creative need besides a good book?

9. Fave Bookish Accessory
Mug, pillow, scarf, candle? And who makes that gorgeous item?

10. Books and Flowers
Does it count if I take a picture of myself? A Casey Rose and a book?

11. Introduced You To A New Place
I adore learning about new places through reading. What real area have you learned about from a book. Spoiler Alert: as a Northeast native I love learning about cities in the South.

12. Favorite Color Combo
Navy and gold? Mint and Coral? Black and White?

13. When I Grow Up
It’s never to late to find the thing you really want to “be” when you grow up. What book inspires you to pursue a passion or job?

14. Sparkle, Twinkle, Glow
I like including jewelry and lights in my pictures, and challenge you to do the same!

15. Birthday Buddy
(AKA my birthday!) Everyone shares a birthday with someone, and there’s a good chance you share a birthday with someone related to the book world in even the vaguest sense. I’ve been proud of one of my birthday buddies for most of my life, and I can’t wait to celebrate with her in spirit and in book form.

16. Write It Up
You have two options: write anything at all and show off your handwriting, or do one of my favorite challenges and write a six word story or book summary, for example “Fighting with darkness she finds love.” Any guesses on that book?

17. Childhood Fave
If you still have copies of childhood favorites I‘d love to see them. I have a special section of my shelf dedicated just to my childhood books. 

18. Held In Your Heart
What story has become a part of you, has been carried around in your heart in such a way that the characters are truly your friends and you have lived your life with them?

19. Books and Texture
Maybe it’s the artist in me but I love looking at texture: nubby blankets, deckled edge books, thick waxy leaves, smooth wood grain.

20. Girl Boss
What awesome lady inspires you? Jane Austen for daring to be a writer in a world dominated by men? Hermione Granger for being unapologetically smart?

21. I Didn’t See That Coming
I am a huge Mystery and Thriller fan, but what I love most is when there’s an awesome twist. No spoilers please, in case it’s one I haven’t read and I can add it to my list!

22. Sweet Treats
Ice cream, raspberries, chocolate, whatever brings you sweet joy. 

23. Favorite Fandom
Again, how do you pick just one?

24. Cheer A Friend
The sense of community amongst Bookstagrammers never fails to amaze me. Cheer up someone who might need it with some unabashed praise, or give a shoutout for a new member of the community.

25. Imaginary Sequel
The book is over or the series is complete, the author has officially walked away. But you have some ideas about what happened next.

26. Soothe, Quench, Fizz
Tea to help relax you, or a berry lemonade to quell that summer thirst, or champagne to tickle your senses, show me what you drink while reading.

27. Everyday Magic
I love books about magic, all of my favorite books tend to have some element of magic in them, but I always look for the everyday magic in the real world, like fireflies and sunsets. What’s real magic to you?

28. Bunnies, Bees…
I collect bunny and bee items, it’s hard to put finger on why, but I adore them both. What items do you have a habit of collecting?

29. Color Explosion
Go for it, colorful books with colorful things to the max. 

30. Good Deed
I’m often overwhelmed by the state of the world and whenever I begin to lose hope I look for those who are daring to show kindness, to be an example of the best parts of humanity. Do a good deed today, whether it’s something seemingly small like telling someone they are beautiful, loved, and smart, or something more actionable like donating to a literary charity. However you participate you help be believe in the best in the world. 

31. Last Summer Hurrah
I’ve always thought of September as the beginning of fall, even though the warm weather lingers. Celebrate the end of summer, make some colorful bunting or slice up some watermelon with those great summer reads. 

That’s the full month!

And thanks in advance for celebrating with me.

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