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The 24 in 48 Readathon

The 24 in 48 Readathon

11:00 AM Saturday
Good morning, lovely readers!
It's day one of the two day readathon and I'm excited to be celebrating time dedicated to stories. As Rachel has pointed out over on the official 24 in 48 website, the event is more about having fun than keeping to a strict goal of 24 hours of reading. Which is great for me as my goal this weekend is closer to 16. My husband is arriving back home after a week on the West Coast, and because he is a genuinely awesome person I am looking forward to spending time with him. Books and partners get equal love?

But I have a whole morning and afternoon sans other human beings in order to cram in a bunch of reading madness. 

This morning I slid my phone into my trusty armband, popped my earbuds in and continued listening to "The Woman In Cabin 10" while I did some minor household things, did my makeup and then headed out to the car where I swapped the audiobook over to the car stereo and proceeded to visit my local dedicated gluten-free bakery. They had my favorite doughnut holes today: chocolate caramel. Major swoon. 

I continued listening in the car again and then like the antisocial person I secretly am I popped my earbuds in again for a quick stop at the mall and into Michaels. I felt the readathon called for a chalkboard to mark my reading progress. 

Two hours of audiobook and now I'm taking a brief break to post this and then I think it's on to Neil Gaiman. I'll be posting updates here throughout the nest two days and updating on Instagram and Twitter. I'd love to hear how your progress is going! 

3:00 PM Saturday
Finished reading Volumes 1 and 2 of the graphic novel version of The Graveyard Book, with maybe a little nap in between the two. I really enjoyed the story and I appreciated seeing the different styles of the various illustrators whose work transitioned well from one chapter to the next. This was approximately two hours of reading, so that plus my little nap makes for quite a bit of sitting so it's time to switch back to my audiobook and see how Lo is doing on the boat.
How are things going for you? Still excited or approaching a slump?




9:00 AM Sunday
Good morning, readers!
I accrued about 7.5 hours yesterday, not bad as my goal was 8. I did spend half an hour at Barnes and Noble perusing the shelves and I can't help but feel like that should count. I picked up Megan Abbott's latest while I was there and started it last night. Now it's time to for breakfast and more cutthroat gymnastics, as is customary for a Sunday morning. 

Still looking forward to enjoying "The Wendy Project" comics, and "We Have Always Lived In The Castle" this afternoon, plus I still have 4 hours in my audiobook and another one waiting should I finish that one today. 
How has your reading going? Any books or graphic novels that have been exceptionally awesome? 


2:45 PM Sunday

Sped along through "You Will Know Me" and finished feeling thrilled and uncertain about what I had just read. It's strange the way I'm often so easily lulled by good writing for complicated characters so that as I'm reading I can't help but feel like I'm rooting for them despite the terrible things they've done. 

I'm also intrigued by characters, and real people, who are so dedicated to something that they are able to put aside everything else to obtain their goals, and the idea that for some many of the physical and mental elite that it seems to be something that some degree they are born with. I often reflect on the dreamers and the doers, and me squarely somewhere in between, wondering if that makes me balanced or lacking too much on one side or the other to be extraordinary. That's what I love about reading, the ideas that start swirling, the questions you start asking. 

The harder aspect of good storytelling is when one person's fiction prods a sore spot. I enjoyed reading the first two issues of "The Wendy Project", I loved the use of black and white vs. color. But even reading a cartoon father call his daughter "bug" was deep throb in my chest. I knew that other people called their kids "bug", but still, it's more specific than "sweetheart", less common than "kiddo". My dad called me bug well into my adulthood. And now there was a comic book, with no aims at my grief, still plucking that string regardless. 

I have a few hours this afternoon during which I do intend to finally get to Shirley Jackson and to perhaps finish my audiobook before going on a movie date with my husband. 

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