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Once Upon A Book Club Box: November 2016

Once Upon A Book Club Box: November 2016

This month's box has turned out to be my favorite so far, which is really saying something since I have so thoroughly enjoyed the previous four boxes.

What made this box such a treat for me? I'm definitely biased toward contemporary women's fiction over historical, though it's a small bump in favor. And the color palette for this month's packaging and the gifts was such a joy. The gifts also happened to be items that either came in my favorite color or spoke to me on a personal level. 

The Book:
All the Good Parts by Loretta Nyhan
324 Pages, September 2016

The book centers around Leona, a 39 year old woman living in the suburbs of Chicago (a setting I found interesting having lived in Chicago for a few years) made to examine her life when she's told that she's running out of time to have a baby should she want one.

As someone who is personally sensitive to the topic of having children I was worried that this book would stray too far into one camp or another in terms of whether or not to have kids, but instead it was a well-balanced look at the many aspects of motherhood, including women for whom it wasn't necessarily the right choice, and women who wouldn't change a thing. 

It also introduced readers to a family that was full of history and complications that were entertaining and informative at the same time. There were also characters who could have easily remained distant strangers who instead were invited into the fold, each with their own lesson to share, helping Leona in unexpected ways.

The Gifts:
A pack of gum: One of my favorite flavors no less, but also an item that causes disdain in "Suspicious Estelle," a health aide client of Leona's who insists on checking Leona's purse before she's allowed to leave.

A scarf: I love this shade of purple! Leona picks up a purple scarf for her niece that she wears on and off throughout the book.

An Instagram pic: This cracked me up. Taking a picture with a sanitary pad is probably the last thing I would have done when I started my period, and I NEVER would have shared it on social media. But I was also an early bloomer in the puberty department and just felt awkwardly different instead of enjoying a rite of passage. And I was a middle schooler in a world before social media. ::shrugs::

A mirror: Hold the phone, this mirror looks like a small leather binder, but actually unfolds to become a mirror in a stand? People, the future is now. I loved that the messages that Leona wrote on the mirror for her niece after she was injured from an accident are included. Every mirror should come with the words "you are beautiful" on it. Doubts over beauty, inside and out, are what keep so many of us small when we could be big and rich and vibrant.

A notebook: Not only is notebook pattered in great colors, but the message "Amazing things will happen" emblazoned on the front is great reminder for every reader and writer. 

Quote Card: Every box includes a small artistic print of a quote from the book. This month's quote is one I'm eager to frame and add to my art shelves.
"Keep making choices that scare you until nothing does."
On the back of each card is a list of dates, each with a question about the book. These are the book club discussion questions that you can discuss with the reading community on the Once Upon A Book Club account on Instagram on the corresponding days.


If you've loved seeing each month's unboxing, now's the time to put Once Upon A Book Club Box on your holiday wish list, or gift someone a box! December boxes will start shipping around the 17th. Use the code "caseyrosereads" to receive 10% off your order.


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