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December 2016 Bookstagram Challenge

December 2016 Bookstagram Challenge

We’re walking through a winter reader land…

For the month of December I’ve partnered with Asma from @weasleyswizardingbooks and Mags & Len from @staybookish to create a bookstagram pic challenge.

Each of us will be sharing a few of our favorite pics from the challenge every Saturday, starting on the 3rd! 

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have a question, and you can participate in as many or as few days as feels comfortable to you. 

1 First of December
What will your first read of the month be?

2 Let it Snow
Show off your glittering snowflakes or your blue and white books.

3 Fave Bookish Gift
What’s the best bookish present you’ve ever received?

4 Sock Sunday
According to the wonderful internet today is Sock Day! And it’s a Sunday, so show us your seasonal #socksunday pics

5 Cold as Ice
Show off an icy character, whether their heart is as cold as ice, or they’ve got some icy magical abilities.

6 What the Dickens
Charles Dickens is a year round favorite, but December if often when he’s the most celebrated! Show off your Dickens books.

7 Hot Chocolate
Because hot cocoa makes everything better.

8 Season’s Greetings
Shoutout for your bookstagram friends!

9 Glass Slipper
Show off your slippered feet while you read a great book.

10 Winter Book Quote
Many books have one:
“Winter is coming.”
“Tristran could smell the distant winter on the air--a mixture of night-mist and crisp darkness and the tang of fallen leaves.”

11 Home Alone
Show us your winter survival kit (books recommended!) or show off your favorite December movie.

12 Books & Blankets
Books + Blankets = Pure comfort. Feel free to make us incredibly jealous with your coziest reading nook.

13 Snowman!
Do you want to build a snowman? We can make him out of books. (Or fluff, or actual snow.)

14 Wintry Setting
Take us away to a place with ice and snow. (And let’s earmark this book for when we’re sweltering in July!)

15 Seasonal Snack
Anyone else tempted to eat that popcorn on a string? Just me? Alright, how about some frosted cookies or pumpkin bread?

16 Birthdays!
Jane Austen, Arthur C. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick were all born today. Let's celebrate! (Can you imagine a mashup book by these authors?)

17 Fireplace
If you have a real fireplace to read by, awesome. If you don’t, how about a digital one, a paper one, or even some book art?

18 Book & Mittens
Maybe you’ve got some fingerless gloves to keep writing and reading in comfort all winter long, or maybe it’s what’s keeping your hands toasty on a trip to the library or bookstore.

19 Evergreen
After the trees have lost all their colorful autumn leaves, it’s time for the evergreens to shine. Show off your green books and/or your evergreen decor.

20 Fairy Lights
What’s dreamier than reading by the glow of strands of lights?

21 Winter Solstice
It’s the longest day of the year, show us your #currentread as you read the night away or, share a book that has an interesting Winter Solstice reference.

22 Happy Read
Long winters can make some of us a bit blue, what book always cheers you up?

23 Book Escape
You’ve been shivering too long. You open your wardrobe door and the sunny, warm location from what book is just a footstep away?

24 Candlelight
Book candles are their own unique kind of magic; with a single flame you are transported into a book. (First night of Hanukkah)

25 Hogwarts Holidays
Share the joy of Harry's first holiday away from the Dursley's and the magic of having friends and a surrogate family (and a Weasley sweater!) (Christmas Day)

26 Favorite Play
Happy Birthday, Henry Miller! Let’s honor the playwright by sharing your favorite play or playwright.

27 Winter Court
Who would comprise your Winter Court? #squadgoals can include other bookstagrammers and/or fabulous fictional characters.

28 Furry Beast
So many animals are ready to rock their natural winter gear. Share your favorite furry beast, whether it’s literary like Iorek Byrnison or hanging out in your home like your favorite stuffed animal.

29 Last Haul
What book did you buy or borrow this month? And we’d love to hear about book donations!

30 Best of the Year
What were your top, gold star, five thumbs up, everyone needs to read this, reads of the year?

31 Reading Resolutions
What are your reading goals for next year? Do you have a specific number or a new genre you’d like to explore? Whatever the goal, a hearty cheers to those who read.


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