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Once Upon A Book Club Box: October

Once Upon A Book Club Box: October

Hello, Lovely Readers!

This month the creative minds over at OUABC selected an eerie piece of historical fiction with a dash of romance and mystery. I continue to be impressed by the selection of books that I wouldn't necessarily pick up for myself. This box has pushed me to explore genres just outside my comfort zone, all while providing interesting gifts that make you feel as though you're in the story.

"Lost Among the Living"
Simone St. James
April, 2016, 336 Pages

The novel follows Jo Manders in 1921 as she settles into the home of her late husband's aunt. She is faced with uncertainty at every turn, the body of her husband that was never recovered, her place in the world as part family/part help, and why she is the only person in the house who can see the ghost of the young daughter of her employer/aunt. 

I'm not generally one to pick up a historical fiction book, but all the innocuous details of a former era aside, this book had enough chilling moments for me to put it down well before I needed to go to bed, lest I be left looking too long at the shadows in my bedroom.

The gifts included with this book were:

Leaves- Jo finds leaves beside her bed the morning after she believes she has encountered a ghost. It's a chilling moment made all the creepier when a maid later reports never seeing any leaves when she went to clean the bedroom.

A photograph- the back of the picture says "it watches me," just like a picture that Jo discovers. I thought this was a creepy moment in the book, but the tangible picture made me shiver. I wanted to nope right out of there. 

A sketchbook- Frances, the deceased girl and potential ghost, had a sketchbook that was of great importance to the plot. This one is a charming little book, perfect for travel.

Stockings- though these are no likely to be similar to the stockings of the early 1920's they are absolutely adorable. The white and pale green above the knee socks are darling.

Pearls- how do you recognize a ghost? Perhaps by the pearls she wears even in death. These ones came with matching earrings. All I need now is a cloche hat and my autumn look will be complete. 

If you've subscribed to this box, what did you think of this month's selection?
If you haven't, I highly recommend visiting Once Upon A Book Club to snap up the November box.

The NaNoWriMo Reward Calendar

The NaNoWriMo Reward Calendar

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Weekly Reads: October 1-18