Hi! I’m Casey Rose: proud book-nerd.

I’m passionate about all things bookish, from the newest reads to the people who are bringing books to life.

I don't believe in book snobbery. I think that whatever gets you interested enough to keep reading is all that it takes to find a "good" read.

I'm an avid reader of a wide range of genres, but my favorite reads are Young Adult and Mystery/Thrillers. I love comparing notes with other book sleuths, so be sure let me know if one of the mystery books I share here gave you thrills as well.

I’m a freelance writer, giving me the opportunity to engage in a variety of contributing writer roles. I have a weekly column in my city’s paper that highlights local authors and books set in our area. I also write for a handful of other websites and organizations.

My favorite reading space is my couch where I’m often joined by my husband and my two opinionated cats. I currently have more books than shelf space, and a towering TBR pile, but there’s comfort in the stacks!

I'm passionate about Ophelia's Place and Circles of Change, which are working hard to provide education, prevention, and treatment for disordered eating behavior. I work with the organizations in an effort to eliminate diet culture, to promote media that supports body positive messaging, and to help people discover a better relationship with their bodies and themselves.

Now that I you know a little more about me, I’d love to meet you!
Come say hello on any of my blog posts, or on my social media.